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I started this blog in an attempt to shed light on interesting and relatively unknown historical events that occurred throughout the region. However, I now want to use it as a place to not only write about local history, politics, and education, but to showcase my journey as the Louisiana Teacher of the Year.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out for speaking engagements, interviews, or anything else that comes to mind, please email me at or connect via Twitter @chrisdier.

If you notice any historical inaccuracies, grammatical errors, questions on sources, or have any thoughts/questions/concerns/suggestions, feel free to email me as well.

Thank you for visiting!


  1. Glenn Toca says:

    I recently read your post from 2014 about the St Bernard Massacre, The judge Philip Toca to whom you refer is Philippe Toca, one of my antecedents, I think 4th gen grandfather. The town Toca is named after him and his plantation house, Seems he was always involved in something including a duel in the 1840s where he killed a judge. Never heard this story though. Thanks for the info.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you for your open letter to the Class of 2020. My senior is devastated as well as I. You touched on all the feelings that I believe she is going through. I’m praying she doesn’t feel defeated and lose the ambitions that she has had her whole life. President of every club, top in her class, compassionate, driven. I pray this pandemic doesn’t win. I’ll do everything I can not to let it. I hope my senior will too.

  3. Miguel Campa says:

    Maestro del Ano!
    Well said and written Mr Dier !
    What powerful message and words of wisdom to our future leaders— the beautiful & talented senior HS Class of 2020…
    Continue your Outstanding effort to teach from everywhere and in every way …You are doing the St. Bernard Parish Schools community proud.

    To quote our Korean brothers and sisters when honoring their teachers: “I stand in your shadow” Mr. Chris Dier

    Retired Principal
    Los Angeles Unified School District
    Ps I recently read “Just Mercy”, coming up “St. Bernard Blood Massacre”

  4. Mrs. Ramirez says:

    Thank you for your open letter to the Class of 2020. I will be sharing your letter with my seniors in CA.

  5. Tracey Poe says:

    Loved your letter to the seniors! So well written!

  6. Leslie Cheatwood says:

    We had the privilege of teaching with you precious Mom at Henderson Middle School. We so remember when your family had to relocate in Rusk County. Although it was heart wrenching for your family, it was a special blessing for us. She has remained in our memory. Please tell her we still remember her and talk about her.
    Carol Sledge ( office), Leslie Cheatwood, suzanne Dotson, Nelwin Perry, Mary Alice Delafield, Paula Bryan, Rickie Watson

    P. S. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! We know Lynn is, too.

  7. Cassandra Henry says:

    I would like to know more about Africa Americans who are native to this country but denied Native American rights. My mother’s family has been connected to Alabama since 1700s ( as far as I have been able to track) with very strong features but not given any rights to a tribe. I know most African Americans are indigenous to the southern states. Thank you Cassandra

  8. Please call or email me…Port Issue.

  9. Barbara Murphy says:

    I’m so glad I remembered you had a dot com listed in your Tiktok bio – I’m taking a break from social media because my disabled daughter is having some issues and social media is sometimes little more than a reminder that I don’t have a life 😜 (if you don’t develop and nurture a gallows sense of humor as a special needs parent, you’re doomed). Reading, on the other hand, feeds my soul and helps get me out of my head during long nights and hospital stays. I’m eternally grateful to you and another TT APUSH teacher for introducing me to honest history and providing book recommendations. It’s not easy reading and I don’t think I could do your job without falling into an abyss of depression. Very grateful to all of you teachers who are standing up for what is right.

  10. Gerald Freyder says:

    Do you know what the last name of the three enslaved children was? I’m sure I could provide you with additional information on the family if I had it.

  11. bia31star says:

    I had no idea Isleños was a part of this book you wrote until just now, Melerine of Delacroix, it’s my bloodline of a minority disappearing.. as is the Cajun Frenchness.. only one college works to notate the language… definitely will order this now.. I know so little about Isleños..


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