15 Historic Landmarks New Orleans Lost

A fascinating yet painful look at some of New Orleans’ iconic landmarks that did not endure the test of time.  As Benny Grunch would say, they just “ain’t dere no more.”

1. First Saint Charles Hotel

Source: http://www.old-new-orleans.com
First Saint Charles Hotel, 1847 Source: http://www.old-new-orleans.com

The first Saint Charles Hotel was built in 1835. A traveling Brit called it the “finest piece of architecture in the New World.”  It met its fate in an 1851 fire that burned many other historic structures to the ground as well.  This 1847 photo is one of the only known surviving photos of the structure.

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Raquette: The Lost Sport of New Orleans

A blow across the shins with a racket is permissible, and broken heads are not uncommon.

The Choctaw Nation of the lower Mississippi River Valley was one of the most influential yet lesser-known groups of 18th century New Orleans.  Since French involvement in the region, interactions between the groups were frequent.  Native-American and African-American relations were also common considering French and subsequent Spanish law was more lenient than English law.

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